Where is your faith….

Call me crazy, or call me foolish, but I get it. It’s all coming full circle!

God never intended for all acts of faith to require financial seeds. The bible has countless acts where money created the way but, the bible also has as many equal acts of faith that simply asks us to move/speak. For example – Matthew 8:8. The centurion soldier came on behalf of his sick servant to ask for his healing. Jesus asked for no seed, nor did the soldier present one. Jesus volunteered to come to his home, but the soldier said he wasn’t worthy that He should come to his home. He just wanted the solider to speak his servants health. Secondly, the bible doesn’t say if he was acting on Jesus’ faith, the servants faith, or his own, he just knew he had to get to Jesus. Thirdly, he was so assured of Jesus’ ability that he simply wanted him to speak it into the atmosphere, because he either knew or heard of the power on and in Jesus’ life. That’s why Jesus marveled. Jesus recognized his faith. Because he simply wanted him to speak the life of the word.

Many acts of faith simply require us to speak it into the atmosphere or just move… nothing more. Utilizing the faith on someone else’s life isn’t wrong. The lady with the bad issue of blood knew that if she touched the hem of Jesus’ garment, she would be healed. The soldier who came on his servants behalf utilized Jesus faith. The only thing they did was move (James 2:14). That’s why it’s important to be connected to the right ministry because often times the faith of the Shepard is all you have to believe in.

#mustardseedfaith #justmove

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