My identity…


In the beginning, God created man. Not only did He create man, but He created man in his own image. What does that actually mean? What that means is everything that God did in His creative ability, and is still doing to this day, we as men should be doing the same. God gave us  power, and the ability to cause change in every aspect of life, but we as men as a whole, have dropped the ball. God never intended for men to be of lesser value in any area of life but, He intended for us to bear fruit, multiply, transform, and dominate in every area and in everything we come into contact with.


After God spoke the world into existence, and filled it with creatures and vegetation, he followed that up with bringing man into existence. His whole purpose for man was to first commune with him daily, then dominate, and control everything the exact way He did things in the creations process. So why do we make it hard for ourselves as men to do exactly as God did? Why do we consider ourselves to be lesser than what God gave us the ability to do?   The reason why we don’t operate to our full capabilities as men is simply due to us dropping the ball at the initial step.  God never intended for us to have things in life, and lose  fellowship with him. God is a jealous God, and will have no other thing or person before him.


Another reason why we don’t operate as God endowed us to operate is because we see ourselves as our own gods. Men, this is an area that we all have struggled with, or are currently struggling with. We believe that we in ourselves have the right to make  decisions, pick our own path, and go about life any way we choose. But who told you that? I’m pretty sure if you go and review your decisions, you will see God wasn’t there in your decision. I mean was the choice you made to start doing something a God inspired idea or a self inspired idea? Let me clue you in to something; you will know if it was God or yourself immediately by simply looking at the results. If God is in it, the process is smooth and effortless, and probably required little or no help from you. However, when the decision was all you and none of God, there is a constant struggle to do it or deal with it, which usually leads to that one thing dominating and controlling every part of your life and time. God never intended for you to do anything in life, big or small, and not include him in it.


Now, more than ever, its time that we get back in line and remember who we are but more importantly, remember whose we are! Take your authoritative place in life! Get back to the foundation of who you are, and watch everything fall into place as it was meant to be…

~A man who doesn’t rely on God is not man, but a false representation of what a man is…

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