I Want to be like David


Yes, you read that correctly, David. See David was different. David wasn’t like his seven brothers, who probably had the status in society to rule a kingdom. David was a sheep herder. He had a beautiful countenance, and goodly to look at( 1 Samuel 16:12). Basically he is what women would consider as “eye candy” today. But what did David have over his brothers?


David had faith, that was built in the wilderness, way before he ever went into battle. See while his brothers were being trained to war, he actually fought for the lives of his sheep. He fought a lion, and a bear when they tried to take a lamb. Not only did he kill them, but he recovered the lamb alive as well(1 Samuel 17:35), so what is a giant to him(1 Samuel 17:37)? What made David’s faith more impressive was the fact he didn’t want weapons or armor he hadn’t battle test. He wanted what he knew worked before; his staff and his sling. See he knew that the armor, nor the weapons were the reason he won those battles. He knew it was the anointing(1 Samuel 17:45). Oh how great is it to know that the anointing of God is on your side! And you know the outcome, he smote the Philistine.


The second thing that made David special was he was chosen of God, and not called of man. How great is it to know that God thought so much of you to choose you over the opinions of man?  If we go back to first Samuel sixteen, and verse five, you will see where Jesse had already made up his mind who would pass before Samuel. You will also see that Samuel had made up his mind as well, simply off the countenance and height of each son, but God corrected him. He told him not to look at the physical man, but the inner man, because God looks at the heart and not the physical makeup of man(1 Samuel 16:7). Jesse was so determined that it was one of the seven elder brothers, that he never even acknowledged David until God rejected them. And even when he did bring up David, he belittled him. But it doesn’t matter what they say, it matters what God says!

You will encounter people daily that will speak down on what you have been called in life to do. There will even be people who will be picked before you, but they don’t have the final say, God does!!! While you wait, build your faith. Build your fight. Get battle tested. Build the anointing in your life so that when you are chosen, your ready.

~fight your fight!

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