Was it Naomi or Ruth?



Many times throughout the sharing of the gospel we hear about the relationship between Boaz and Ruth. But who was Ruth? What was her life? Was it Naomi that caused the blessing on Ruth’s life? Lets get right to it!


Ruth was from Moab. Ruth was the daughter-in-law to Naomi. Ruth was a widow. Ruth also had special place in her heart for Naomi. Ruth lost her husband at an early enough point, that she had the opportunity to remarry. However, her only thought was to stay with Naomi. I believe this was the first seed sown by Ruth, into Naomi, because she had something on her life that Ruth saw and wanted. You’re probably asking how did I make this assumption? Look at Ruth chapter one, verse twenty-one. Naomi said she came out full(or wanting nothing), but the Lord brought her home again empty. She was embarrassed to come back that way,so much so, she wanted to be called a different name. So clearly she had prosperity at one point. Furthermore, Boaz was related by marriage to her, and the bible said was he was a mighty man of wealth(Ruth2:1).


What made Ruth so special was how she submitted her life to Naomi. She didn’t make a move without Naomi’s permission, which lead to her blessing coming in the form of Boaz. Look at Ruth chapter two, verse two, where she asked if she could go and glean corn.  And because she found favor in Naomi’s eyes, who had favor on her life because of who she was the widow of, she was placed on good ground to reap or glean from. Now, what caught Boaz eye was her work ethics. She wasn’t too prideful to work behind the harvesters and gather whatever was left behind. Boaz was caught by surprise so much so, that he had to ask whose damsel is this. And this is where the blessing by association came into play. I believe once he heard the name Naomi, it was known she was a great woman. And we know the rest of the story, he did whatever it took to make he his wife.

Ruth was blessed because of the sacrifice she made by not leaving Naomi. Naomi tried to get her to leave but couldn’t. She gleaned for food for Naomi and herself, and in the process she was blessed beyond her imagination, all because of one sacrifice.

~blessed by association

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