The Body of Christ

The church was established as a place of refuge for the lost. The church was established for the hurt. The church was established as a refueling station. The church was established as a place to bring your tenth, and your offering, as a sacrifice to God. However, somewhere in the midst of the evolution of society and technology, we have lost focus of the true role the church, the Shepard, and the members.

The church has slowly lost its authoritative position in society, but what caused this transition? This transition came into play when money and numbers became more important than the actual life and direction of the individual. It’s just honest truth. Take the money away and you would lose the church in the current state that it’s in. And that’s sad to say. Jesus destroyed the temple when it became a den of thieves. When people began to sell things in the church. When they used the church as a distribution center to project personal objectives. So technically, when people only show up for money to sing and preach, they are doing opposite of the will of God. When people use the church to show their gifts off, and not to unify the body, they are in error. The true will and purpose of the church is to be a light and conveyor of the love of God in dark places.
What happened to the pastors, bishops, elders, and deacons walking in their God-given authority? We went wrong when we began to fear correcting the person, because we were more concerned with losing their financial support, than their actual salvation. Correction and chastisement is the only way to  reposition the church. You can’t always cater to the emotional side of a person, and see them driving off a bridge and do nothing simply because they pay $1000 in tithes a month. Where there is no reproof,there is no leadership. Where there is no leadership, there is no direction. Where there is no direction, there is no vision. And with no vision, the people will perish.

As members of the church, your role is to assist the visionary(the pastor; the Shepard) in fulfilling the purpose that was given to him from God. It is not your job to question why. It is not your job to add or take away things to the vision. It is your job to help fulfill the vision. It is your job to submit to the leadership. And if you have a problem with doing so, then you may be in the wrong flock(church). Every member of the church has a purpose, big or small. And when you decide to reject, or speak negativity in your local church, you are infecting the local body. And what happens when you have an infection? It is felt all through the body.

You were placed in that specific church, under that specific leadership, because they have something on their lives specific for you. You were not given the vision, only the instructions on how to help bring it to fruition. The leadership will correct openly and privately, to put you back in line with the rest of the body, to keep the vision going forward. You may not like the way it feels. You may not even like way it was said, but you have to see the reasoning for it, more so than how it was conveyed. Furthermore, the church is not your stage, but Gods. The church is not an open market for you to build your business. The church is not a place where you look to be paid for a gift God gave you to use for him in the first place. The church is a place where the true love of God is supposed to conveyed, so let him have free will.
~not my will father, but yours….

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